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Moya - 6 Febrero 11:41

And who fucks pay for a 2, come and try the best place to get a good dust, at a good price. Several little friends, all beautiful. Rates from 40 euros

Frank - 23 Noviembre 05:53

Our team of sommeliers are more than happy to share their most recent discoveries in the world of wines. Insp: Game of Thrones.

Czolba - 18 Febrero 11:12

If you have cake share it with as many people that you like as you can.

Launa - 2 Octubre 22:12

I grew up in Northern NJ and my sex education was pretty good. We learned about the effectiveness of each birth control, what would be the best combination, how to deal with relationships, that oral sex IS SEX, that you can still get pregnant by having sex during your period, that you can still get pregnant even if the partner pulls out, the external and internal anatomy of both male and female genitals, etc. I definitely got a good basic understanding from that class and your videos only add to my knowledge (which is great).

Hauswald - 28 Noviembre 09:58

My parents are very religious, and they don't know I'm having sex (I'm 19, so it's all good lol). My mom and dad have an idea because I asked about family history concerning birth control. My brother (who is 17 is having sex but my parents don't know because again, extremely religious. I wish I could talk to them about it! I have tried opening up discussions but get shut down.

Reibert - 7 Junio 08:13